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Your Wellness Journey

Check Out What Services We Have Available For You!

Service Prices

Compare  our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Some Prices has changed

Initial Consultation


* add Solution custom lab panel for $70.

Best Package Offer

1 hr session

Vitals, Height & Weight

Review past medical history

Discuss barriers to weight loss, goals to achieve.

Develop a customized weight loss/wellness plan that suit your needs.

Follow Up Visits

$15, $30 or $40

For weekly, bi-weekly or monthly follow ups

Best for General Upkeep

30 min session

Close Follow up  on progress

Weight, Vitals

Medication Refills and/or supplement suggestions

*Visit required for prescribed medications*

Injection Only Visit

$10 and Up

Per injection

$5 off for multi-injections at once!

10min session

Customize which injections you want

No follow up visit needed

Goal Setting

Developing Effective Weight Loss Solutions and More

Schedule your appointment to begin your wellness journey.  Long or short term appetite suppressants/fat burner such as Saxenda, Orlistat, Phentermine (CUSTOMER FAVORITE), Topamax, Chromium Picolinate, Metformin and Contrave can be prescribed if needed.  

*Must be seen (in clinic or tele-visit) for ANY prescribed medications or refills*

-Price List- 


Sorry no insurance accepted for in-clinic/telehealth services

Pre-Op Surgical Clearance


(Labs, Urinalysis, Beta HCG, COVID PCR, Vital Signs).

Order for EKG or CXR can be provided.

Solution Custom Lab Panel With Results in 24-36 Hour!


*CBC, CMP, TSH, A1C, B12, Vit D and Lipids*

Lab Titers


(Hep B, MMR, Varicella)

School/Sports/Work Physicals 


*Add TB test with follow up read for additional $30. No immunizations.

Weight loss IV Hydration!!!


“Get up and Go" is packed with amino acids and B vitamins to help get you energized for your weight loss journey!

Myers Cocktail


Original IV hydration packed with B&C vitamins, calcium and magnesium

Great for immunity and energy boost!

*Mobile IV service for additional $50.

NEW: Glutathione IV Hydration


Glutathione IV hydration is a HIGH DOSE glutathione that can help with managing auto-immune disorders (such as IBS, Crohns) immunity, inflammation, detox and more!

*Mobile IV service for additional $50.

*IV hydration session runs for approx. 45-70 mins

20 gauge IV catheter higher up on arm is preferred.

Not recommended for individuals with poor veins, heart/kidney failure or uncontrolled high blood pressure*

NEW: B12 Punch Cards! 

Prepay for eight B12 injections ($80) and get two free!

NEW: 4-in-1


30 tablets of phentermine

30 capsules of chromium picolinate

B12 injection

IV Hydration With 500cc 0.9% NaCl Only 


*Mobile IV service is an additional $30.

Sinus Facials 


20-minute facial massage of sinuses, with/without aromatherapy and warm eye packs. Aloe, eucalyptus/spearmint, lavender, collagen or antioxidant oils/gels available for massage

Sinus facials are a non-invasive method to help open sinus cavities and relieve pressure from ears, upper (frontal) and lower (maxillary) sinuses while you relax!

The "O" Package


Initial consultation, 15 sublingual arousal tablets used 30 minutes before activity (delivered to your door discreetly)



Is a stimulant that helps with energy metabolism and suppresses appetite. 30 day supply provided. 

Chromium Picolinate​


Is a mineral that can be provided by some of the foods we eat. It can help with breaking down carbohydrates, fats and control blood sugar. It can aid in appetite suppression and sugar cravings with weight loss efforts. 30 day supply provided.



Is a seizure medication, but can help with suppressing appetite and speed up your metabolism to help with your weight loss efforts. 30 day supply provided. 

The Big "O" Package 


Includes the 15 sublingual arousal tablets package AND 30 day supply of Isotonix Sexual Health supplement that supports healthy libido and blood flow to your parts



30 days of Phentermine & Lipo capsules which are a combination of B12, chromium, inositol and choline (used for energy and fat burning), together prescribed

S1-RBD Lab Test 


Not only determine if you’re immune to COVID-19, but it will specify by which (either by past infection or by vaccine)

Results as soon as the next day

Rapid COVID Antigen Testing 


Can be done in clinic

Rapid Antibody Testing 


Can be done in clinic


$25 WITH Insurance

Lab test with/without respiratory panel



Is a anti-diabetic medication. It can help with suppressing appetite by slowing your digestion of foods. This medication is preferred for individuals who are pre-diabetic, has been diagnosed with hypermetabolic syndrome (high BP, high blood sugar, high cholesterol and excess fat around waist), or have PCOS. 30 day supply provided. 

*Purchase as much or as little as you need. Please note that weigh-ins are required prior to your telehealth visit. *


15 minute consultations are available on portal for $15!!

Free B12 Injection with paid initial consultation (Offer good for upto 30 days after initial visit)!!!!

$5 Off any multi-injection follow up visit!!!

BOOK NOW Via the Online Portal!!!

Merrillville Clinic Now Open and Accepting New Clients!!!!

*Consult with your primary care provider for clearance for exercise or diet changes, labs results are discussed with you and are available for you to keep*

Mobile Rapid 

COVID-19 Testing

 Now Available.

Traveling Soon???


 with Results Emailed in 


 Home, Office or Hotel  in Lake, Laporte and Porter Counties in Indiana. Call for availability in Cook County Illinois. 

Documentation provided at visit for travel, school or work. PCR results will be emailed.

Test are done by LICENSED healthcare professionals. Tests are authorized by FDA for emergency use (EUA).  CLIA waived for mobile testing. 

JUST ADDED!!  COVID PCR is accepted by ANY Insurance -- just pay admin fee of $35

✔Rapid Antigen are $100.00

✔Rapid Antibody are $75.00

✔Bundle and save for $150.00

In Clinic Injections Available 

✔B12💉 is used for fat and carb metabolism, energy. =$10

✔B complex💉 is used for healthy hair, skin, nails, muscle, brain and nerve health, elevates energy, focus and mood. =$20

✔Lipo-B💉 Lipotropic with amino acids and B12 to help with fat burning and energy. =$25

✔Lipo-C💉 is a lipotropic with amino acids, L- Carnitine and B vitamins that helps burn fat and muscle recovery. =$30

✔Glutathione💉 is the powerhouse of antioxidants!💪🏾It can help with all cellular regeneration, menstrual cramps, improve recovery time from illness/surgery,  workouts,  anti-aging🧬, inflammation, energy, immune system, improve sleep. It can also help with post-COVID fatigue, inflammatory causes of breathing issues, detox liver and cells, help fight auto immune diseases, psoriasis and can help with improving hair, skin, nails and dark spots. =$30

✔Biotin💉 is used for hair, skin and nails as well as supports metabolism of carbs, fats, and amino acids to help break down food, protein and growth🌱.  =$30

✔ Vitamin D3 💉 is the most natural form of Vitamin D. It is important in the role of phosphorus and calcium absorption. Well known for strengthening bones and teeth, vitamin D can also help with your immune and cardiovascular system. It also helps with muscles (reaction time), pancreas (lowering blood sugar), brain (memory), inflammation, high blood pressure, reduce feelings of depression and fatigue, and improve cholesterol levels. Vitamin D level is recommended to insure no overdosing which is dangerous. =$30.

✔L-lysine 💉is a amino acid that is great to help with collagen and calcium absorption/production in the body. Your body does not make lysine, therefore you have to get it through the foods you eat. It can also help with cold sore (herpes simplex I) prevention, fat transport to burn fat for energy and  speed wound healing. =$25.

✔Tri Immune 💉 is a combination injection with Glutathione, Vitamin C and Zinc for a boost in your immune system! =$40.

Injections can be be used in conjunction with custom bundles!

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